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About Us

Based in Longwood, Florida, Seaside Glass Gallery is a leading designer and retailer of glass and ceramic gifts and home decor.  As a designer, we are able to provide the best possible pricing and we pride ourselves on being an effective retailer of our products by making prompt shipments and keeping ample stock levels.

Yet we also strive to be more than just another web retailer.  Our colorful and unique home décor, gift, souvenir, and personalized products are inspired by coastal, tropical, and other natural themes and expressed through products made from ceramic, glass, and more.  Licensing agreements with renowned artists ensure that our products make a great impression – whether they are for your home, your office, or as a gift for a special person.  Whether you’re looking for an item that can capture the whimsical, fun-loving aura of dolphins playing in the sea, the eclectic appeal of exotic birds such as flamingos and parrots, or the serene charm of a tropical sunset, Seaside Glass Gallery can infuse your life with color and style.

Contact Information:
Phone: 407-706-8720